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: 2:27 AM
Date: Sunday, March 30
Title: Not ready

Should I ? 
Fortune teller said we are not suitable for one another. 
He will bring me sadness and anger. 
Sometimes I feel that it's quite true that we are not suitable for one and other. 
I was sick and needed help. I knocked on the door on the bathroom door Cus I needed some help. E thought it was someone at the door. I knocked again then he heard me. Helped me get my clean clothes and gave me a face. 
I was so sick and running a high fever. He didn't offer help nor take care of me. When I came out of the shower he was looked pissed. 

I asked him why? 
He said 'I should have called his name instead of knocking on the door. I thought there's someone at the door and I didn't know what to do. Because you are bathing. ' 
I said 'I have no energy to call your name I scared u can't hear me.' 
He just continued giving me the pissed off look and fell asleep. 
He fell asleep with all the pillows and blankets. 

I was shivering. I was sick. I was sad. I was crying. There wasn't anyone around to help me. I packed my luggage, prepared for tmr's outfit to mongkok, blow dry my hair, stacked up jackets and shawls to form a pillow and pulled some blanket for myself. 

I was really sad and I felt so lonely. What if he does that again when we got married? 
Chase me out of the room Cus I didn't called him? 
Get angry with me Cus he woke up late? 
Get pissed off with me Cus I'm blur and stupid? 
Get angry with me Cus I did something silly and wrong? 

Some little things make him get pissed with me. 

- knocking on the door instead of calling his name 
- he woke up late despite numerous time of me calling him to wake up. He also get pissed. 
- I cannot decide where to go and what to do 
- I can't read the map and told him the wrong directions 
- I do silly and stupid things that are supper annoying to him 

Whatever I do and say he don't trust me. Every sentences are doubts and questionable questions. Even to the extend of how I pay for my meals and how I keep my change. He has got something to say. Why I looked so blur when aunty said $40? And only give her $20. 
I only ordered an item $20 that's why I'm shocked why $40. Actually his cousin add on some food and didn't tell me. That's why I got a shocked and only paid $20. Anything big or serious about this? 

He said he is very sure to settle down with me. 
But I am not very sure. I am fearful I'm scared 
That's why I want to stay nearer to my parents. If anything happens I can always run back to my parents house. 

: 8:35 PM
Date: Friday, August 19


: 10:56 PM
Date: Monday, June 27
Title: Army.

Darling kukumalu,
officially enlisted into army on the 9th June 2011.
First Booking out was on the 24th June 2011, 8pm.
The first time we got separated for so long,
2 weeks and 3 days. The feeling sucks at first,
but absence do make the heart grow fonder :)
First booking in was on 26th June 1930hrs.

P/S: I love the army look in him.
Guess I've just fallen deeper.

: 3:48 PM
Date: Thursday, March 17
Title: no more attachment!

Yay, no more attachments!
A lot of events happened,
Made Rachel's bdaz card with jody.
Had her homecooked spag (Y).
Wrapped goodies bag for all my friends in wd76.
Celebrated 3rd anniversary.
Celebrated ZF 21st Bdaz at aloha loyang.
Family Chalet at aloha changi.
let the photos do the talkings.

: 1:05 AM
Date: Sunday, February 20
Title: A Date with Mr BF ♥

A date with Mr Bf ♥
3 more weeks, and im out of attachment.
Time to plan for future.

: 9:06 PM
Date: Tuesday, February 8
Title: Happy 兔年 2011 ♥


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